our eco-mission

We try to be as commited as possible to take care of our planet. Being aware that our business is based on clients that fly all over the planet and increase the C02 emission. We are trying to make a positive impact on the island with this following ECO-projects.


what we do

Watering Plants
  • Seperating Waste in our shared kitchen
  • Offering drinking water at reception to refill your bottles and reduce the plastic garbage we produce at the hostel
  • We are growing our own food on our eco finca in the mountains of Gran Canaria to share it with our guests (just starting so please dont expect too much for now)
  • Also cooperating with Surfcamp Las Palmas to plant trees on Gran Canaria (not active for now due to pandemic)

see our

ecologic garden!

Eco Finca

In July 2021 Ventana Azul started a  project on a 5000m2 finca in the mountains of Gran Canaria. We are already producing avocados, bananas (here called plátanos), maracuyá, tangerines and ecologic eggs of free running chickens to feed our team. This way we want to gain more independence from the system and fight against the negative effects of globalization.

Once the finca is set up more nicely we will also start to offer visits and organize some events in our Tropical Paradise to share it with you! 🙂

Eco Finca