Gran Canaria is a true paradise for all outdoor lovers. The warm climate garantees that most of the activities can be done 365 days per year. If you want to assure your spot in some of the activities we would recommend you to book them before your stay already!


To start with enjoy some images of activities on Gran Canaria filmed by our new partner Climbo Gran Canaria.

Its the perfect way to make new friends on Gran Canaria and get into contact with locals who can transmit their knowledge about this treasure island with you.



Try our new Partner Yoga School See Yoga in Las Palmas! Laura & her lovely team will enrich your stay on the island of everlasting spring.

Yoga is the perfect combination for an active & healthy holidays in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria!

The yoga studio is located only a few minutes walk away and implements security measurements to protect the guests from Covid19.


We provide surf, bodyboard and Stand Up Paddle classes for beginners and advanced and surf trips for the even more advanced 🙂

The school as well as the waves are less than 100 meters distance from our hostel.

Be sure to book your classes in advance in order to garantee a spot in the surfschool!

There are more then ten different surf spots in the city of Las Palmas and another forty spread out on the rest of the island just waiting to be explored.


Welcome to the “secret” climbing paradise of Europe! Gran Canaria offers perfect outdoor climbing conditions 365 days per year.

Get to know the most remote and untouched corners of Gran Canaria. All of the best climbing areas like Tamadaba, Sorrueda, Fataga or Moya are located less than 1 hour car drive away from our hostel.

There is also a big Indoorwall Climbing in Las Palmas and a small Bouldering Centre just around the corner of our hoste.



One of our most popular activities! Fast and cheap adrinaline for everybody! 🙂

Fly like a bird over Las Palmas and enjoy the breathtaking views of this amazing island.

Flights are done weekly depending on weather conditions. Book it on our reception.


Home to a gorgeous array of mountains and inspiring sceneries, hiking is a must when your are in Gran Canaria.

Guided by the best hiking experts, take on a hiking tour ranging from a level of low-high intensity starting from €35.


Enjoy some of the most breath-taking “Via Ferrata”-tracks of Europe!

Explore the real Gran Canaria, far away from the tourist areas.

An unforgettable and thrilling experience into the wild.


SUP enthusiasts and water sport fans can try out our easy-going yet super fun Stand Up Paddleboarding.  

It will begin in Confital Bay where you put your theory to practice. Paddle past the barriers by La Barra and witness the stunning coastal landscape and wonderful sunsets. Beginner classes start at €30.



Get out of the city and enjoy this unforgettable experience and dose of adrenaline 

Jumps take place weekly!


sky diving

The king of adrenaline sports!

Your private airplane will bring you up to an altitude of 3.500 metres to start your jump!

Free-fall for more than 5 minutes over the dunes of Mas Palomas.

The most intense experience of them all!



Gran Canaria have some of the best dive sites in Europe.

Dive into ship wrecks and underwater volcanic tubes and caves!

Do you want to take your PADI Diving Certificate? Las Palmas is the best place to complete it!



Our perfect Ventana Experience for horse lovers!

Explore epic landscapes and sweeping coastal regions while horse-riding. With friends, a partner or solo- a special experience to take back home.


Las Canteras beach is rated one of the best city beaches in the world and the snorkeling around the reefs are just as amazing. 

Since Las Canteras beach and El Confital bay became a no-take marine reserve in 2009, the snorkeling experience here gets better every year. More species arrive and colonise since the food-chain gets longer and the ecosystem matures.


Get your friends together to share an action-packed adventure roaming across the wild terrain, for an unforgettable mountain-biking experience!

High-adrenaline and exciting, you’ll leave with an urge to do it again.


Explore this fascinating island by  immersing yourself in a high-energy and challenging canyon adventure.

Discover the rural corners of Gran Canaria; the intense  yet stunning trails that it offers. Led by our most trusted experts, there’s a reason it’s one of our island favourites!


Want to do something a little spontaneous and memorable? Try cliff jumping, it’s the perfect introduction to discover the secret gems of our island.

Brave it out and become a cliff jumping expert!