New Cooperation partner: MundoCreativo - cleaning the island!

New Cooperation partner: MundoCreativo - cleaning the island!

Ecological Tours around the Island!

We are very happy to announce and support this great project on Gran Canaria called MundoCreativo.

José and his team had the great idea to combine exploring the island with cleaning the places that need it the most

This first small moovement keeps on growing, although now its on hold do the the actual worldwide Covid19 situation.

The idea is simply and great. Explore the island while cleaning it. Its important for MundoCreativo that these experiences shouldn be perceived as work but as an enjoyable and light experience.

Important and one me reason to join their great cause: MundoCreativo is a non profit organization. The trips are completely free of charge, the only costs are your bus transport ticket or help to cover the costs for gasoline.

Once you arrive at your hostel ask at reception for upcoming events of MundoCreativo.

Imagine taking your flight back home & leaving behind a better, more healthy and more beautiful island. We would love to see you help and believe in a better world!

Soon to be update with an interview with MundoCreativo founder Jose Lourido from Galicia / north of Spain.

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