Melike, 30 years old from Turkey Visual artist

Melike, 30 years old from Turkey Visual artist

How was a typical day of your stay in La Ventana Azul?

Depending on the plans I had I either woke up earlier and went climbing all day long or I got up late and enjoyed my breakfast on the rooftop with a seaview and went to the beach later on. Either way I ended my days on the rootop of La Ventana Azul again and enjoyed a glutenfree beer.

Did you do a trip around the island? Which places are a must-see?

Since I am a climber I spent lots of time in the barrancos of this beautiful island. I enjoyed the climbing areas Sorrueda, Ayagaures and Moja a lot. But the most unique climb was the one up to the top of roque nublo! It’s amazing to stand on that 80m high rock and have a view over the beauty of island. 

Besides climbing I also tried to surf, which was amazing. I also loved hiking and snorkelling. 

What did you like the most about Ventana Azul? 

I loved its location directly next to the beach and the creative vibe of the house and its keepers and guests. As a tourist you find lots of information there and will always get a helping hand.

I did stay in other hostels on the island but beeing at Ventana is like being at home (with lots of sun of course), and the longer I stayed in the hostel the more it felt like family.

Which kind of  people did you meet at the hostel?

I mostly met travellers from around the world, but mostly Germany and US. A lot of artist, designers, musicians, climbers  and also a former tv-cook that were all relaxed and laid back between the age of 17-45.

How did you get to the island? (Which flight connection) & how much did you pay for that?

I flew to Las Palmas via Frankfurt for 150 euro both ways. 

Any favourite bars & restaurants you would recommend to our Ventana Community?

I liked a little raw and glutenfree restaurant named La dulce Botique.

Would you recommend your friends to come here and if yes, why?

Yes for sure! I came to Las palmas more than 10 times because I love the life there. Lots of sun and no less than 20 degrees all year long. I think it’s the most healthy place on earth. 

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