Get to know our guests: Sava from Bosnia, 23 years. Mechanical Engineer.

Get to know our guests: Sava from Bosnia, 23 years. Mechanical Engineer.
Sava Nedeljkovic, Serbia, 23 , Mechanical Engineer

How was a typical day of your stay in La Ventana Azul?

First you wake up and have breakfest, then you go surfing, then either go on a road trip or just relax at the beach and go surf again in the afternoon, then at night there is always some activity at the hostel so its always interesting

Did you do a trip around the island? Which places are a must-see?

Yes, there is so much more that the island can offer then just Las Palmas. Hmma must is: Roque Nublo, Pico de las Nieves, Tamadaba, Dunes of Maspalomas, Agaete…

What did you like the most about Ventana Azul?

The vibe, the energy that the people bring. It is always positive and it makes you feel like you are a part of the family even after 1 day. Plus the location is perfect and the rooftop is the best chillout area I have ever seen.

Did you stay in other hostels in Las Palmas & if yes how would you Ventana differentiates from the others?

The main difference is in the energy. I never found a hostel that made me feel more welcome then LaVentana.

Did you try out some activities? Which ones you liked the most?

I tried all of them except ski diving and diving. For now paragliding is by far my favorite one.

Which kind of  people did you meet at the hostel (age, country, profession, Lifestyle)?

Really open-minded and easy going people. Really easy to make deals with everyone and all of them are there to have fun and enjoy there life. Most people are 20-35 years old, from: Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA, Australia and New Zeland… and work as an engineer, marketing, freelancer or is still astudying.

Which is for you the coolest part of staying in a hostel and not a hotel or private apartment?

Like I said, it’s the vibe and the energy that this hostel brings to the people. I never feel like I am alone on my holiday and I always make ton of new friends.

Which is for you the worst part of staying in a hostel & not something more private?

How did you get to the island? (Which flight connection) & how much did you pay for that?

Usually I go from Eindhoven, Netherlands with RyanAir, the flights are really cheep, I got mine for 80 euros.

Any favourite bars & restaurants you would recommend to our Ventana Community?

I forgot the names of most of them but I remember Pachichi and the and Sunset Concerts of la Fabrica close to  Confital Beach.

Would you recommend your friends to come here and if yes, why?

Ofc and I made 4 of my friends come to LaVentana (for now  ), and again because of the good family vibe and positive energy. It makes you want to never leave the place.

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