From the airport to our hostel.

From the airport to our hostel.

Guideline how to reach our Hostel

If you will check Google Maps you will find out that our Hostel in Calle (= street in spanish) El Salvador 7, is located only a 22 minutes car drive (25,5 kilometers) from the Airport of Gran Canaria.

1. Public transport

Obviously the cheapest and most adventurous way to reach our hostel!

From 5.15 am until 11.15 pm the airport is very well connected with the capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The blue “Guagua” Buses leave in front of the airport every 30 minutes (always 15 and 45 minutes after every full hour).

Watch out for the line number 60 which is the fastest to reach the capital. The bus only stops in the 2 mainstations of Las Palmas: first San Telmo in the oldtown of Las Palmas and secondly Santa Catalina Station close to Las Canteras Beach.

You should leave at the 2nd station Santa Catalina. From there, Mr. Google says, its a 16 minutes stroll along the wonderful Paseo of Las Canteras Beach (1,4 kilometers distance).

So if you still feel strong and curious enough and its still daylight, this stroll is a nice oportunity to get a first feeling for the city of everlasting spring. Before starting this little “hike” we recommend you to have a snack in one of the cafeterias under palm trees in Santa Catalina Park.

If you are tired of carrying around your luggage we recommend you to take a taxi from Santa Catalina to our hostel which should cost you not more than 4€ (should be cheaper).

2. VEntana Azul Airport Shuttle

That by far the more convenient way. Especially if you have a lot of luggage or bring your own surfboard we strongly recommend you to book our private airport shuttle. Also if you arrive at night starting from 11 pm (last bus leaves at 11.15 pm).

The price during the day is 30€ and at night 35€.

If you want to book your airport shuttle we would please need the following details:

  • Arrival time and day
  • Flight Number
  • Airport you are coming from
  • your full name
  • number of persons

The shuttle drive will only take 25 minutes and it will bring you to the door of our Hostel right at the surfspot on Las Canteras Beach.

Once you do your booking you will be able to add the airport transport or you can also text us on whatsup to our reception phone to book it: 0034 635 87 89 84

3. Rented Car

Yes, we strongly recommend you to rent a car and explore the island! Check out our Top 11 Places to visit on Gran Canaria with your rented car.

If you never leave the city you will miss out on a lot of beautiful places!

Option A.) Rent straight from the airport

If you decide to rent a car straight from the airport be aware that it can take some time until the car is ready for you and sometimes there are long queues.

It can be quite frustrating and tiring to stand in a line after a long and exhausting flight. Also you might be surprised by the heavy traffic in Las Palmas and the highway of the east coast.

Your next obstacle and challenge will be to find a parking spot in Las Palmas. And even more difficult: one you won´t get fined by police :). Luckily we have a huge, cheap and secure parking space right next to our hostel: just google for “Aparcamiento El Rincón Las Palmas”. Check out our article about HOW TO PARK IN Las Palmas.

Be careful with supercheap offers from car rentals at the airport. They often dont include full insurance!

Option B.) Rent a Car with Ventana Azul

This second option will be by far the more relaxed and easiest one. We recommend you to just take the public transport or even better a private shuttle from the airport. Forget about the hassel and stress to get your car, drive through the sometimes heavy traffic and find a parking spot.

For at least the first 3 days you will be busy anyway to explore Las Canteras Beach, catch some waves in front of the hostel and get to know the different parts of Las Palmas (its a very diverse city!). After that period of adapting and getting to know the city and island vibe we recommend you to rent a car directly at reception for only 25€ per day.

We cooperate with this car rental since 8 years and they garantee full insurance and most important a car in good conditions 🙂

Our recommendation is clearly Option B!

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