Totally new & refurnished Chillout, Co-Working & Reception!

Totally new & refurnished Chillout, Co-Working & Reception!

New Common Area on groundflor!

In December 2020 we totally refurnished our groundfloor with a new reception with widescreen TV to stream surf-events and the best activity videos of Gran Canaria.

Right next to it we created  our already very popular Co-Working area with capacity for 4 persons & high speed Internet.

The next step was to create the perfect furniture for our library to store and show at least some of our more than 500 books which we took with us from our old location in Las Palmas (During lockdown in May 2020 we changed to a new house).

And finally we put into life a huge & comfy chillout furniture with a capacity for 24 persons  where movie nights, live concerts, educational events and meetings will take place (after Covid Times obviously).

This area also is equipped with a lot of plugins for your devices and a big projector for football games, surf events & other educational events like Karaoke nights.

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