Interview with: Matic, Slovenia, 30, IT / engineer

Interview with: Matic, Slovenia, 30, IT / engineer

How was a typical day of your stay in La Ventana Azul?

Usually a mix of wake-up early, sneak out of the room, improvise some breakfast, grab the wetsuit and head into water at La Cicer to catch some early uncrowded waves. Then come back, get something to eat, and chill out for the rest of the day. The rooftop terrace is the perfect spot to relax and have a good conversations with other guests.

In the afternoon I would go for another surf session.

Sometimes we took a car to explore the north or south shore, there are plenty of good surf spots around. And then back to hostel, chat with the folks, cook some foods, make new friends.. All the good stuff.

Did you do a trip around the island? Which places are a must-see?

The whole island is a must-see!

If you want to surf there is plenty of beaches on the North shore that is just amazing. When there is surf in the sunny south, places like Arguineguin and Derecha del Faro is awsome!

What did you like the most about Ventana Azul?

Proximity to the beach and the chill vibe that attracts cool guests from all over the globe to the amazing Vewntana Azul rooftop terrace (did I mention that already?)..

Did you try out some activities? Which ones you liked the most?

During my stay, mostly things evolved around surfing – both on the walkable-distance beaches (there are plenty, from Confital, La Cicer, Lloret). But I also tried climbing in Canarias, took a whole-day mountain bike ride with a friend I met at the hostel to the top of the island (2000 verticals, exhausting!!), and crazy stuff like that. There was even a chance to paddle around the beach protected by barranco.

Which kind of  people did you meet at the hostel (age, country, profession, Lifestyle)?

From students to all kind of professionals. Mostly the crowd was young and chill, trying to get some good holidays in Gran Canaria.

Any favourite bars & restaurants you would recommend to our Ventana Community?

Tough one, I’m not an expert on that one. I liked to get calamari in Nono, and always purchased bread at Graniers, not sure if it’s still there. Didn’t eat and drink out much, I like to make my own food.

Would you recommend your friends to come here and if yes, why?

Yes! Because of all of the reasons written above.

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