Elsa Colingwood. 25 years from UK. Writer & Editor.

Elsa Colingwood. 25 years from UK. Writer & Editor.

Elsa Collingwood, 25 years old from the UK, Fulltime Editor and write.

Elsa Collingwood, 25 years old from the UK, Fulltime Editor and write.

How was a typical day of your stay in La Ventana Azul?

Every day was different, but usually I’d wake up just before sunrise to the sound of the waves, take my coffee on to the terrace and check the swell. Then, depending on the waves, I’d do an unbeatable vinyasa flow class led by the wonderful Marit on the terrace, followed by breakfast in the company of the lovely ventanians.

The rest of the day was committed to surfing with a lunch break on the promenade. If it was a lazy day, there’s always someone with a driving license and a thirst for adventure looking for someone to explore the island with- I recommend Maspalomas and Agaete!

I also work remotely, so when I’d felt like I’d goofed off sufficiently and needed to actually do my job (this happened rarely)- there are lots of quite and tranquil spots at La Ventana to work and the wifi is decent with a far reach!

The evenings were dedicated to Carnaval- serious business. Live music, beers, wigs, and frivolity were flowing every night!

Did you do a trip around the island? Which places are a must-see?

Upside down in the white wash seemed to be a favourite spot of mine as I continued to return… 

But also- the leisurely stroll to playa confital, and the hike to Roque Nuble at sunset- take some beers! Coffee and wine tasting Agaete is also not a bad idea.. if you’re into that kind of pure happiness.

What did you like the most about Ventana Azul?

This interview. Oh and the people. The guests were amazing and I always enjoy meeting new people when travelling, but the staff were something else. They’re incredibly authentic and always have time for you. They’ll party with you, cook, eat, surf, chill, nap with you- they make you feel like one of the family, and that’s awesome. 

Did you stay in other hostels in Las Palmas & if yes how would you say Ventana differentiates from the others?

*Gasp* How could you even ask me that- I would never even consider – This thing we have is built on trust- if we don’t have that, we have nothing.. Ventanian for life.

Did you try out some activities? Which ones did you like the most?

Surfing all day ery day- the consistent swell and varied surfspots means it’s really amazing for all levels.
Paragliding – not one for you if you have vertigo like this girl. I lost consciousness a few times but I’m told I really enjoyed it so… clearly not to be missed. 

Yoga – I rarely practice yoga back home as my fragile ego is easily bruised, but Marit was the best teacher I’ve ever had. Super patient and pushed you just the right amount to keep it fun but make sure you progress- I even managed a headstand in my last session!

Hiking – You’re on a frickin’ island, hello! The volcanic landscape means there are loads of amazing trails with gorgeous views. 

Which kind of people did you meet at the hostel (age, country, profession, Lifestyle)?

The kind of people I’d for sure start a band or small company with, even if none of us have any musical or entrepreneurial skills.

Which is for you the coolest part of staying in a hostel and not a hotel or private apartment?

You get to watch other people sleep without them yelling who you are and why you’re in their room- such a drag.

How did you get to the island? (Which flight connection) & how much did you pay for that?

I flew with Ryan Air- I’m told you can get flights from London for about £60, but in my experience, Ryan Air now request your soul, the deed to your house, and your first born child. And they’ll still tell you your bag is too heavy and sit you next to a family of 19. But the island is totally worth it, who needs a soul and you can have more kids!

Any favorite bars & restaurants you would recommend to our Ventana Community?

Starbucks.. just kidding 😉 

Fat Franks is in the plaza just behind La Ventana and has loads of delicious veggie/vegan options as well as meat and fish.

Fratelli’s has AMAZING Italian food and is super cheap (glass of Rioja for €2 heyyyyy).

Just a few paces down from here there’s also an amazing ice cream parlour with a big vegan/ sugar free section!

The Bloque also has very cheap food and filling bocadillos, located close to the pier.

Sakura II also has excellent teppanyaki and a really cheap set menu.

Would you recommend your friends to come here and if yes, why?

Only if I’m there too, otherwise the FOMO might make me implode. 

I’ve stayed at La Ventana Azul a few times over the years, sometimes solo and sometimes with friends, and I’ve enjoyed every single minute. It’s a great place to stay with a really cool, friendly atmosphere. I’ve said above, the people make the place, but the hostel itself is kept very clean, has an amazing terrace space for chilling, and the dorms are comfortable and pretty spacious. It’s very safe with the hostel locked up at night and every bed getting it’s own lockers for valuables. I’d recommend to everyone, it’s an amazing place! 

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